At first, we face the problem of choice when we finish school: there is so much interesting in this world, and it’s almost impossible to predict if your choice is right. But also we can feel lost much farther in life: when we realize, that we want to change the field of work or the place of living, or if we don’t know what we want at all. It seems weird and unbelievable, but it’s the big problem, that makes you wonder in life without any destination, like the ship that can’t see the lighthouse. However, the time will come, the long thinking and considering should be passed. Until the solution comes, we suggest 10 goals that will make your life more fulfill and help to find your personal aims.

1. Continue studying

There are so many interesting things in the world, that you can learn. And thanks to modern technologies, you don’t need to apply for university and listen to the boring topics that you are not interested in, instead you can choose any webinar or online course and study, drinking coffee in your favorite cafe or even not leaving your comfortable bed. You can develop the knowledge you have or start totally new area, but being a person who constantly learns something new means to keep up with the times — self-development now is very popular.

2. Make a financial reserve

Having the financial buffer isn’t only a good aim, but the useful skill, because creating it means that besides earning money you know how to manage them, use wisely, plan and divide — it is called financial literacy. Also, it will help you to take your time and search for the meaning of your life — passion, goals or starting realizing them step by step, without worries about money. As soon as you’ll gain this aim, you’ll be able to start living how you always want.

3. Develop your talent

And don’t tell that you don’t have one. Everyone does. To determine it you need to think what you like to do, what you can do the best or what you want to learn. Also, pay attention to the compliments your family, friends or strangers make: they mark something particular, that makes you special: maybe you can combine clothe perfectly, your cooking is delicious or you can make nice decorations for the interior — it is your talent, that you haven’t ever noticed.


4. Earn money on your hobby

Maybe, it seems easy: you always do better what you love. But in reality to implement it you need courage, patience and enthusiasm, struggling with the people who don’t believe in you and your own doubts and fears. It’s a huge work with self-confidence and diligence, planing and time-management, but the end result, just like the path itself, is worth the efforts, because nothing satisfies you as much as the realization that you are doing what you really love and care about.

5. Learn to cook

Cooking tasty food will not only make your body be healthy and your family and friends happy, but also can save you some money or become your new hobby. There are so many cuisines you can try: Italian, Chinese, Thai, Ukrainian, Greek and many others — the whole field for experiments and looking for new tastes and receipts.

6. Do sports and eat healthy

Keep yourself healthy is one of the most important goals. Mild athletic loads, walking in the fresh air, healthy food and avoiding stress — these components will bring you not only a healthy body but also a happy life. Also, this aim is joining many aspects, that will help you to elaborate good skills, like cooking or time-management, and develop such features like patience and endurance.

7. Travel as much as possible

Find the way to keep money and realize the trip of your dream: there are so many cultures all over the world. Traveling is one of the methods to invest in yourself, because it can help you to learn something new about the daily life of other people and about yourself too. Every time you go somewhere get everything you can from the trip: inspiration and knowledge, make a lot of photos, get new friends, explore and discover — that is the rich source of good impressions.


8. Spend more time with your family

Making joint picnics, go for a walk or to the adventure park, coming up with surprises or prepare a family dinners — this is what we lack now: live communication, warmth and love.  Will you agree, that making your home cozy and having fun with your family members is a good life goal?

9. Do something, you are afraid to do

That is the best way to develop yourself, expand the boundaries of your capabilities, to get rid of fears and become more confident. That is also a good way to learn more about the world and your skills, hidden talents. You will never know what can happen until you try: only your imagination and fears are stopping you from discovering something new, so leave the comfort zone to taste the real life.

10. Learn one more foreign language

First of all the ability to speak several languages is very much in demand among employers. Besides, you will feel more comfortable traveling and it will open up for you new opportunities for learning and self-development. You can choose one of the most popular ones, like Spanish or French, or something less common, but what is associated with the country you would like to visit, for example, Georgian, Norwegian or Czech.

Author: Ivanna Melnychuk