You can either love mountains with all your heart or don’t like them at all — no middle point. Mountain hiking it’s a lifestyle, a kind of drug that at first glance may seem safe, but not every trip it’s an easy walk, difficult routes require extraordinary preparation, endurance, both physical and moral willpower to take over the top, go through the entire spine not leave on the half-way. Mountain hiking is a remarkable experience, a lesson, a test for human qualities and strength of character.

It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves. — Edmund Hillary

In the mountains, like nowhere else, you feel alive. There is no time to give up and whine, you still have to go forward, to the water — the source of existence of all live, in any weather climb over mountains under the scorching sun or strong wind, take a cool path in the forest or hide from the rain.

Isn’t this the place, where the comfort zone ends?


  1. Learn to be part of the team

No matter whether you are hiking with friends or with strangers, you all have to become one team. You can lead others or follow others, but if someone stays behind or needs help, you can’t leave them and move on, because you are the team.

Although there are exceptions, when we speak about enhanced complexity routes, conquering the highest peaks such as Everest or Annapurna. Lack of proper training, carelessness or natural disasters circumstances, that can be fatal, and in these cases leaving the person is not whim or bad manner — it is a necessity due to the situation, no matter how sad and rough that sounds.

  1. Always need to have inventory

Speaking of mountains, you need to calculate the reserve of water and food, because you can not know for sure where you’ll come across a source and whether it will be close at all. In case with the food, calculation is desirable because the lack of products will lead for the hanger and inability to continue planned route, at the same time, excess of it will make your backpack heavier as well as your possibility to walk.

When you bring this lesson in everyday life: good and interesting is living present-day life, but stocks, particularly financial, should be always collected.

  1. You can see your ultimate goal, but the distance to it is not certainly known

You climb the mountain and it seems that this is it, right here — the top, just stretch out your hand, but you walk a few steps more and the new challenges appear in front of you. Just keep going.


  1. Take only necessary things with you

Do not drag unnecessary things, in other words, do not take your past in the future life: a bunch of memories that spoil your mood and cause doubt in the correctness of the choice or life position. As well as physical heaviness of your backpack, excessive worries will complicate your life.

  1. Even if your plan is perfectly thought-out, be prepared for the twists of fate

You can plan the route to detail, but not always everything happens the way you want: there may not be the right path on the map, or otherwise it will not be in the mountains, sources may dry up or it will be difficult to find a place to sleep. Be prepared for surprises, not always pleasant and easy, just remember that the output is always available.

  1. Long way consists of short steps

Climbed the mountain, look back at passed way and hardly believe that so long distance is behind and there is still a lot of kilometres ahead. It seems that you can’t make no more steps, but keep going. On the next top the length of the executed path impresses again, and you will again and again take a new step forward.

  1. Your environment is important for the formation of your personality

Take with you people tested, enduring and daring, responsible and courageous, honest and decent. Sometimes it is very difficult path, but it becomes twice difficult with the whiners.


  1. Middle of the road — is the most difficult part

The first day is very easy to go and weight of the backpack is not too significant, the second day is the worst because of the pain in the back and legs. And further, surprisingly, it is easier to go to the target. At this crucial point — the middle of the way — we often want to throw all that has been achieved. Look back and remember everything you have been trying for so hard.

  1. Happiness — is a special feeling

Have ever experienced an incredible feeling, standing on a mountain top, and there are no people around, none for tens of kilometres, but the beauty of the mountains, incredible landscapes, that make you catch your breath, feel dizzy? So remember this feeling — happiness does not depend on whether someone sees and perceives it, the important thing is what you feel.

  1. It’s better to try it once than to read about it a hundred of times

Now there are many blogs that motivate you to act. It’s a pity that often their motivation is too short, or not strong enough. If you want to find a job — develop yourself, make a resume and send it to the company, you want to work in; want to travel — participate in international programs, go with friends or order a bus tour; want to lose weight — exercise and eat healthy food. To the great goal you’ll be brought by small steps.

Author: Ivanna Melnychuk